Counter is launched! A satisfying tool for keeping count

Hi all! Counter is a cranky counter used for counting anything. Use the crank or the d-pad to count forwards and backwards. Reset count with B button. That's it.

itchio page (pay what you want): Counter for Playdate by Sunstation Games

We (Sunstation) will be making more for Playdate. Working on our first game now. Please follow our itch page to keep tabs :pray:


We wanted to make something small that used the crank in a satisfying, useful way. We were inspired by how good crank-to-buy feels in Catalog, buying many games to chase the high. We were also inspired by the urge to fidget with the Playdate sitting on our desks.

We wanted Counter to feel like it could’ve been shipped Day 1 for Playdate. For this, special attention was paid to the sound design to fit within the rest of the Playdate’s audio library, especially their crank dock/undock. Did we get close?

What do I do with this thing?

  • Count your gym partners squat reps
  • Count your prayers
  • Count your problems
  • Count with your kids
  • Count your steps
  • Count sheep to sleep
  • and many more fun counting hijinks