Crankaruga (quick hack)


I was sitting on the sofa last night, and for some reason a thought came in to my head 'grief, remember Ikaruga? That was one tough game, not sure I ever got past level 2'.

And sitting beside me was the wee yellow box, and a second thought arrived 'what if I ported it to the PlayDate?'

Of course, I don't remember the game exactly, nor do I want to, as I thought I'd just riff on it. This is a prototype (a tilemap from another game I was working on, and that is basically it.) The crank rotates the 'ship' from black to white, and the 'enemies' are all black. Same colour causes death, different means you are 'cloaked' and can pass through.

Turns out is it hard to d-pad and crank at the same time on the simulator, but I tried it on the device and works better. And yes, I deliberately reset the 'lives' and 'shifts' on zeroing out.

Anyhow, interesting concept, I might cobble some art and music and make a vertical shmup. Thoughts, brickbats, input welcomed! The code is hoary as it was a sofa hack, but you know.


And in case that gif hasn't uploaded to this post right, you can see the shonky glory here


As I had an hour's downtime after some chores last night, I added a simple parallax background, cobbled some simple sprites, made the ship 'jitter dissolve' and yeah, something is taking shape.

Actual gameplay collect-a-colour-em-up soon.