crankDocked(), crankUndocked() in Input Handlers

I'm going to try it anyway in case it works undocumented... but the docs don't list docking/undocking as able to be assigned in an InputHandler table:

Those can be two important inputs—I use them to initialize/process info relating to crank input.


That's a good point. That would be useful.

I implemented something like that in my own framework and this is really useful. That should be part of the SDK.


Maybe this is a documentation omission... unless I'm being dense, it seems to "just work" despite the docs suggesting otherwise!

(I thought it would take longer to port all my inputs over to InputHandlers... went very smoothly.)

Yes, documentation omission, sorry. We'll get that fixed.


Cool. I wonder if any other inputs are omitted in the docs there but functional? Like Accelerometer? gameWillResume()?

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Looking at the source code, the full list is:

const char* functionNames[] = {"AButtonDown", "AButtonHeld", "AButtonUp", "BButtonDown",
  "BButtonHeld", "BButtonUp", "downButtonDown", "downButtonUp", "leftButtonDown",
  "leftButtonUp", "rightButtonDown", "rightButtonUp", "upButtonDown", "upButtonUp",
  "cranked", "crankDocked", "crankUndocked"};

So just those two extra, no others.


Thanks. Just wondering!