Creating separate enemy health pools?

Hey Pulp People,

I have been following a couple tutorials and videos on making a little dungeon crawler. I've run into a conundrum of making separate health pools for enemies. I am assuming I have to make separate health variables for each enemy?

Shoutout to @SquidGodDev for great tutorials as well!!! (50.2 KB)

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Yes, you can do that. But the way I'd do this is by creating a sprite per health point, so for instance, if an enemy has 3 health points, there would be 3 separate sprites (you could also indicate its health on it), so damaging an enemy with 3 health points would swap itself to a 2 health point enemy sprite. This way, you can put/spawn any number of enemies. The caveat is, if an enemy has multiple sprites, those sprites must also have separate sprites and must swap to the corresponding health.