Device options can't be used (greyed out)

None of the Device options can be accessed in the simulator.

This might be super simple but I've reread the info on how to use it multiple times, I'm 100% sure I'm being dumb but I've got the playdate connected with USB, unlocked and it's still all greyed out.

I'm on Windows 10, SDK is 2.0.1


Hum, all that is required is for the device to be unlocked and connected for those menu items to enable. Could you try a different cable (or remove a hub if you're using one)?

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Oh wow, I defo feel stupid now haha, I tried 2 cables before and both started charging the playdate so I assumed they were properly connected, just grabbed a 3rd one from my box of cables to try, just to be sure that wasn't it and they're all enabled now, thanks so much!

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