Digipick simulator

When I saw this reimplementation of Starfield's lock picking minigame, I knew it would be right at home on Playdate!

So far I've only implemented the base game mechanics:

  • Use the d-pad to choose a key from the right side of the screen
  • Use the crank to rotate the chosen key
  • When the bits line up with the lock, press A to slot it
  • Press B to undo
  • Choose difficulty level or start a new game from the menu

The source code and binaries are on GitHub.


Some things not implemented yet:

  • Stats/Timer
  • Something when the game is complete
  • Make undo limited

Haven’t played Starfield, this is a fun little toy!

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That's great, I would LOVE it if I could use this (the actual physical Playdate) as the lock picking interface in Starfield :slight_smile: