[Documentation] moveWithCollisions -> collisions fields are not being shown on new lines

At the time of writing, I am looking at version 1.13.3

When looking at the documentation for playdate.graphics.sprite:moveWithCollisions, the returned collisions value has all of its fields documented in more detail (sprite, type, overlaps, etc.). I assume these are supposed to each be rendered on a separate line, but they are all jumbled together on one wrapped line. This makes the documentation more difficult to read.

From looking at the page source, this doesn't appear to be any browser or platform-specific issue. But just in case, I was able to reproduce this in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. I'm using macOS.

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Thanks for catching this!

It looks like the description could actually be combined with the identical (but properly formatted) description for playdate.graphics.sprite:moveWithCollisions(goalX, goalY) right above it. I'll get a fix for this in the queue.

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