Does anyone know how to use the noble engine?

I installed the engine, I don't know how to use it, and I didn't see any executable files, does anyone know if I have to install visual studio together or something else?

This is a perfectly fine place to ask about Noble, but I'm not sure how many people here use it. If you get limited response, I'd recommend the noble channel in the Playdate Squad Discord Playdate Squad

I use the engine and I’m on the discord, I usually check the channel a few times a day. The documentation is pretty good and has examples as well.

I pretty much just added it to this template when I started: GitHub - Whitebrim/VSCode-PlaydateTemplate: This template will help you with autocompletion and running your code in simulator. Windows only.

Then I figured out how to make a few scenes, how to transition, and read the docs from there. Though I do use Whitebrim’s AnimatedSprite library for animated sprites and add them with Noble.currentScene():addSprite()