Does the Monday season download check interfere with running games/vice versa?

I'm adding a note to my clock app since running an app seems to prevent the scheduled auto-downloads. Download-checking seems to require sleep.

(The games are still to be found in Settings > Games, so it's not the end of the world. And I imagine they'd auto-arrive later if you let the device sleep a while.)

Assuming that's true, does it work the other way too? Will the download check quit a game you had been running (before sleeping the PD) from Sunday to Monday?

Correct, the device only checks for games and OS updates while locked/sleeping. I believe the first check occurs 20 minutes after the device is locked, and then once every 6 hours. It should check regardless of whether you're running a game or the launcher, as long as it's locked. I don't think it will ever force-quit anything.

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Cool--thanks for the details!

Is there a predictable time (local to the device's clock) on Monday mornings when season download checks happen?

If so, I might add an option to my clock to auto-sleep once each week a half hour, say, before that time.

No predictable time for the checks — like I said, it depends on exactly when the device was last locked — but the season "advances" at midnight PDT (07:00 UTC) each Monday. The first time after midnight that a device checks for games, it will receive the next batch in its individual season.

OS updates are released whenever they're ready and not on any particular schedule.

Great--then I'd have to give people some time zone options, but I could theoretically have my app lock the Playdate early on Monday, allowing the update to happen any time after that. I'll consider it!