Dreamer Adventure - Platformer Adventure in Pulp

I'm excited to present you Dreamer Adventure that's now available on Itch.io.
Dreamer Adventure (Adventure Platformer in Pulp) by samplay

This game was super interesting to develop during those 3month : Pulp isn't really made platformer. So i had to go "deep" in pulpscript.
First phase was to create principal mecanics of the game like jump or simulate gravity (i choose too do like some sort of "tile size gravity".
After I creating some power that are unlockable on level, i wanted them to be available at play so i use the crank as a selector.

Thanking about how the player will interact with this game was my favorite thing to do.

After firsts levels done i wanted too have i major opponent here come the squeleton you have too defeat at end of zone (overmap).
I had to make level available by hubworld.
I also wanted the player to be able to go out of level whenever he want so i use the crank docking for doing that. at beginning i wanted to do 20level that became 32.

Had fun create within mini game also, bonus, challenge to finish to get more dreamXP, A level maker for player to be able to create there own level.(you could share you level on the itch.io topic dedicate! and many other thing!)

I want to share you also how i mad the level panel :
I had been really inspired by flipper screen.
I use ascii art for that and gather it in one line of string separating line by \n.

For example :

Capture d’écran 2023-04-09 à 03.22.35

will be containt in a variable as:
roomnamed = "\n _____ __ __ _____ _____ \n / _ / | / / _ \ \n | | |\ | /| || _ < \n _____/ _/ _/_|_/ \n \n __ __ _____ _____ ____ _____ \n/ / / _ / _ / / | _ \n| /\ || | || _ <| |---| | |\n_/_/_/_|_/____/|___/"


The result by calling it within the drawing method of player by offset the coordinate of the label look like that.

It run well on simulator but make a lost of 5-10fps during the animation on device and get back after the animation :
all long label you let too long on the screen make lack performances so use draw wisely !

I'm happy to make this game available ! Have nice dreams :slight_smile: