Duplicate line on Simulator screen after Playdate SDK 2.3.1 update

A line near the middle of the screen becomes a duplicate of the previous line. This only occurs after updating the Playdate SDK to 2.3.1 on Windows. However it only affects the background, not the sprites drawn on top.


It causes visible flickering on a scrolling background.


You can see it more clearly on the launcher. Notice the double white line.


Reinstalling an older version of the SDK will resolve the issue.

Is your text scale set to 125% by chance? I believe this will be fixed in SDK 2.4.

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Yes, you're right about the text scaling. No hurry if it's just a Simulator bug. Since Panic finally delivers to my country, I'll be able to test on a real Playdate device arriving in just a few days time. Very excited that I no longer need to depend on the Simulator anymore!