Dynamic Path Generator

Hi guys! I've created a simple tile that will generate a path for you itself based on the frames it has. All DynamicPath related code is found in that specific tile so it's extremely reusable for others. Hope it helps some of you!

This is what it looks like in editor:

This is what it looks like ingame:
Screenshot 2022-04-07 at 08.33.56

Download Link:
path_generator_example_0.0.1.json.zip (3.8 KB)


Cool, interested in what your use case is for this!

I had to draw a path through a new city I was building for Pulpmon. But I ran into some things that bothered me.

  1. My tile list was cluthering with a load of new road tiles.
  2. I had to manually select tiles for every corner, crossroad, vertical, and horizontal road.

The script above fixes both those issues :slight_smile:

What happens when you surround a path with other paths (4-edges linked)?

It Will make a crossroad.