E Y E L A N D / v2 UPDATE on itch!

I'd say this game is good enough to sell. I'd get it on itchio and listed on Playdate Community Wiki (playdate-wiki.com).



Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it.

I had the same impression at first but PULP is pretty robust! -- and i'm hardly scratching the surface of what can be done. most of my programming is just basic "interact with this tile, and then this series of tiles animate, and a few new options swap out..."

good luck with your game-making!


THANKS for playing it! I think I will do that - I see that someone put it up in the "Upcoming" section.

I'm waiting for my Playdate to arrive (group 2) so i can do final testing on the device! :playdate_happy:


I'm in group 3 - but my order Id is in the 18,000 ... Really sensible waiting till you can play it for real. You'll get a sense of scale and performance.

Have you seen the pulp to lua converter? If you wanted to break the bounds of pulp.

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I didn't know about this AND i'm not sure what this is - a way to convert a PULP game to a different system so it can be played outside of the playdate environ? something like that?

No it converts Pulp script to lua then compiles it into a PDX.

The idea is to get better perf out of pulpscript but it also opens up a few options for fun extras.

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ah - i'll have to check it out

might help clean up a few choky bits ... OR maybe my crap code will cause the whole world to collapse.


So just popping in here to say INCREDIBLE!

The art, the sound design, the narrative, the game design. A surprising amount of stuff packed into such a delightful package. I could walk around for an hour+ just appreciating the art here.

This is everything I wanted from Pulp and the Playdate. Congrats on such a wonderful game! Can’t wait to see what comes next for you


Thank you for playing, @thetal0n !

I'm glad you liked it. :playdate_happy:

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PS - i appreciate that you noticed the little details! i worry sometimes that those little things might get overlooked. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

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@ronlent You’re kidding, right? You’re trying to tell us that this is your first attempt at making a game? I do not believe it for a second, but nice try!

This game is incredible. So many little touches that I can tell took you a lot of time to get just right. Every screen is a little work of art. Amazing job! The worst thing about it is that I thought my Pulp games were decent, but so much for that!

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I played this through just now on my Playdate. It was just what I was imagining would be on this system in that it was filled with charm and character packed into such a small package. It was really great.

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:rofl: it's true!

thank you for playing / compliments!


Glad you like!

I'M ENVIOUS! i'm dying to play it on the real thing! I'm still waiting for it to arrive (group2). I'm glad it worked out well!

Can I ask -- did it have any lag? sound glitches? hiccups? GHOSTS?!?!


I think it's pretty close! -- Until my Playdate arrives and I can test it out on the machine itself, I'm going to stop making any more edits / tweaks / fixes ...

so I am pulling the jsons here in this thread

  • switched to my "twoFace Multi" font

  • altered the character / animation a little bit (the old one was a bit TOO bouncy for me)

  • little tweaks and technical edits / bug fixes

  • some artwork polishing. :playdate_happy:

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I didn’t experience any lag. I did not notice any sound glitches, although I was on speaker mid-volume.

Just from the screenshots I'm shocked by the artstyle. It's gorgeous. And 2MB?? Incredible, gonna play it now.
Edit: I feel like the bar for Pulp has been raised singlehandedly by this game. Incredible job Ron!



Thank you - and thanks for playing! I'm so glad you liked it!
:playdate_happy: :playdate_happy: :playdate_happy:

Hi Ronlent! Are you gonna release this on itch? Would be a great addition and not all people have devforum accounts (you need to be logged in to download files from the forums).

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I am! / the itch page is in the works/on hold. I was waiting for my Playdate to arrive so I could test it on the device first ... but I'm getting antsy ...

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