Emulate crank with a joystick or lock crank rotation speed

I am developing a game where crank rotation directly affects player position and since the crank in the simulator is controlled with the mouse you can have your crank 90 degrees rotated and in the next frame have it at 330 degrees if you hover the mouse over the crank circle representation in the simulator, this gives very sharp controls, which will not happen in the real playdate. Is there any way of locking the max speed rotation of the crank in the simulator or using another controller like a joystic where steps can not be as big as with a mouse?

You can already use the analog stick of a connected controller. See Simulator settings. It won't prevent you doing the quick change, but it feels better to me than using a mouse.

You can also use the slider on the Simulator to input continuous rotation.

Finally, you can use the real hardware to control the Simulator. It's an option on the device button that appears in the Simulator after an unlocked/awake Playdate is connected over USB.

Yes, I thought it was not recognising my xbox controller but I had not it connected hahaha Sorry for that. Is there a way of wiring the tick that gives a continous rotation to one of the controller's triggers?

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Not as standard.

You'd have to hook that up with some external software. On macOS I'd start with Keyboard Maestro to do this sort of thing.

Is the speed limit of the real crank known? I mean, how many degrees can the crank run in a second, controlled by a real user?