I was attempting to load a PDV file into my Playorama Asset folder. After copying the contents, I safely ejected my playdate and it restarted. Resulting in a sudden (Error E1) message. I could only do to things, reboot or read the crash log.

CRASH LOG: Launcher App Cannot Be Found
It appears, somehow my Playdate was wiped clean. How can i fix this?

WHAT THE DEVICE DOES NOW (and doesn't do):

The device registers that its been plugged in by an audible (Bloop). Yet I cannot access the storage contents. I cannot boot into data disk mode and recovery mode doesn't appear to engage. It only resets the device.

What it does do: Reboots, over and over again.

UPDATE: I managed to get Recovery Mode To Engage. It tried to install a system update, but it results in an e0 error code. When I press A to reboot, it continues to reboot redundantly followed by the "Applying System Update" fireworks display, then rebooting again.

Please contact via

Already have. They're closed until January 8th