ETA for new SDK?

Is there any estimate you can share about when SDK 0.11 might be available?

We’re working on finishing up the next release right now. Should be out by the end of the week.


Thanks for sharing, hopefully Windows development platform in C/C++ and Simulator for the Playdate preview device available on the next SDK release.

Obviously it is taking us a bit longer. :slight_smile: We have one potential issue with over-the-air updating that we need to research a bit more. We should be able to release soon after we figure it out. Sorry for the delay!


I must have been thinking too loud. :wink:

Thanks for all your hard work at Panic… Playdate is such a lovely weird little thing :slight_smile:

I’m super interested in when we’re likely to have an integration for developing in C with Visual Studio (community / pro) on Windows - this will probably be when I actually start to spend a more significant amount of time on playdate, at the moment the idea of fiddling about with make files and linker scripts is just too much of a buzz-kill for me (reminds me too much of the olden days) :slight_smile:

0.11.0 is out now!

If you’re running 0.10, you should be able to get this update via Wi-Fi.


Is there a way to update via wired, like through the simulator? It looks like it should be an option in the program, but it just results in an error. Tried ‘Update to Latest SK’, and just the Update to SDK options.