F - Time Trial Demo


After looking at the different SDK examples, I'have start to modify: Mode7Driver
I'have start to modify a few things, and day by day, I arrived at this result


I'm having a lot of fun developing this demo, but I stopped at the throttle management.
With the simulator it is not very practical.
I plan to continue when I receive my device for opimizations and new features :wink:


Awesome! I can obviously see the inspiration and it makes me very happy.

If you'd like me to test performance of a build on device, let me know.

This is amazing and Iโ€™m dying to play it. Takes me back to the SNES days! Very impressive.

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Saw this on twitter looks awesome, hope u get ur device soon so u can continue.
I was playing the the mode 7 demo too but urs look smuch better than mine.
One thing i did do was add tilt controls which worked reasonably well

where on twitter did you see it?


Hi, some news :slight_smile:


The game is still under development.
The menus are almost finished.

I still have a lot of work to do on the race. Collisions with opponents, off-road settings. An in-house star earning system.

Only one circuit is implemented for the moment.

No sound, I'm waiting for a friend's compositions and I'll do the sound effects with a Pocket Operator :wink:


I always waiting my device :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy cow in the beer!! That looks spectacular! Do you steer with the pad, the crank, the acceromter, or psychically?


This is looking so good! How did you handle translating the other car locations/angles into screen position/scale?

The ship moves with the pad. For acceleration, the crank moves the cursor on the speed bar. The top of the speed bar must always be in the slider otherwise the speed decreases. Basically we must accompany the acceleration with the crank. I haven't tested the concept with the device yet, so I don't know if it's good...

For the position of the ships on the screen, I adapted a library for Lรถve found here:

I only kept the calculations part of the file.
Wasn't very strong in mathematics, I spent a lot of time positioning the different variables to have a correct rendering.
It works, but it would be better if I really understood how the calculations work ^^'
The rotation of the ships is quite simple, their angles relative to the angle of the camera gives me the angle in which to display them.


You should try mapping steering to the crack, or maybe use the tilt sensor. Being able to do sharper or lighter turns could lead to some really great gameplay.