Feature request: Find and replace

  1. When you decide to change a variables name you have to go to every sprite, item, and room script
    with the variable in it to change it.
  2. Making any form of game would be easier later on if you decide to change a variables name and can
    easily pull up a menu, select what types of objects you want to change and select the variable and
    select a replacement name
  3. If possible, have a selector for if you want to change items, sprites, or rooms scripts.
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Definite +1 on this! And better search/find in general, it's currently quite limited as it only jumps you to the first match in a script. I have ended up copy pasting a script into an editor to find/replace then copy pasting back, which is fine but a bit against the spirit of an all-in-one in-browser editor.

I think variables are a good use case for find/replace as you can't dynamically reference them.

For find you could use ctrl+G after you added yourr searched string.
it run through every ocurrency across all over your tile code/code for your string

Key command section

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