Fileplayer:play not looping

Hi all!

I have this simple code:

local musicPlayer ="sound/Luna")

outside the Init of my Sprite class and this


in the Init of my class.

It loops only once, what am I doing wrong?


I think you're doing it correctly.

What format is your music? If MP3 or uncompressed WAV I guess it might cause a problem somehow.

You could try increasing the buffer size.

Or try ADPCM format music which is less taxing on the system.

Hi Matt! thanks for your reply. It's a WAV file, 44khz, 24bits. Maybe the size ( 6mb ) is the issue?
I'll try to play around with the encoding to see if it helps :slight_smile:

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If anyone sees this. I had the same issue with MP3 files.

using ADPCM did fix it.

here is the reference from the documentation:

Preparing your sound files

ADPCM is the ideal audio format to use for Playdate games. It is less CPU-intensive to decode than MP3, while still providing a much smaller file size than uncompressed audio.

To encode into ADPCM with Audacity

File > Export Audio… > File type: WAV (Microsoft), Encoding: IMA ADPCM.

To encode into ADPCM with ffmpeg

type `ffmpeg -i input.mp3 -acodec adpcm_ima_wav output.wav` at the command line.

And here is a small command line by me to convert multiple files in windows

for %A in ("*.mp3") DO ffmpeg -i "%A" -acodec adpcm_ima_wav "processed/%~nA.wav"

You'll get better sounding results using adpcm-xq the forum for more info on this @mirrorlink

Also if you convert from MP3 you'll get empty space at the end of the wav which means it won't loop cleanly. So you need to ideally convert a full quality PCM wav that's confirmed to loop cleanly to adpcm.