Fileplayer won't play adpcm

When trying to play the attached file, with the following code:

        self.player, err ="music/scifi_adpcm.wav")
        print("player", self.player, err)

I get player nil Couldn't load file at music/scifi_adpcm.wav: No error
The docs seem to suggest fileplayer can play adpcm.

Swapping fileplayer for sampleplayer works just fine :thinking: (2.3 MB)

try removing the .wav file extension in your code?

The .wav will be converted to a .pda file

That's it. The api is quite inconsistent in this regard, so I tend to get confused or forget

  • mp3 fileplayer: both with and without extension work
  • midi sequence: requires extension
  • adpcm fileplayer: extension must be omitted
  • adpcm sampleplayer: both with and without extension work

Yes, I agree. A very common gotcha