Game won't say anything when using confirm

When I use confirm on plup on a sprite npc the converstion won't start but it does with interact,I've tried lot of opitions and went to the pulpscript but can't figure out what's wrong. If anyone can help that would be great.

Thank you.

The confirm event can only be called on the player's script, so, if you wanted to, you could detect if the player is near the npc, so when they press confirm, it calls the npc's function so the dialogue will pop up.
The way you would detect the player being near the npc, would be to have items around the npc, then have those items set a variable to 1 when you collect them, then add items called air, these item will fill all empty space, they will set that same variable to 0. Now all you need to do is check if the player hits confirm, and if the variable is 1 it tells the sprite to interact.

Omg, it worked thank you very much. Have a good day. :blush: