Games that require a newer version of the OS are completely hidden

This isn’t a feature request for the SDK really, but more of a request to try and improve upon the experience I just had.

I had side-loaded a game through the web page but it wasn’t showing up on my device. I had a hunch that maybe it required a newer version of the OS but there isn’t any information like that shown beside the builds on the web page.

I upgraded anyway but the game still didn’t show up. I had to go to Settings -> Games to refresh the list and then it appeared.

I think this experience would be improved by:

  1. Displaying the minimum OS version for a build on the side load page for a game.
  2. Allowing games that are owned but can’t be played without upgrading to be discoverable on the device.
    • A placeholder card on the Home Screen would help a lot.
    • An entry in the games list under settings would be great as well.