Gfx method missing from Lua API? `field 'fillCircleAtPoint' is not callable (a nil value)`

I'm very new to Lua so its possible that I am just doing something wrong, but I am getting the following error:

pellet.lua:13: field 'fillCircleAtPoint' is not callable (a nil value)
stack traceback:
	pellet.lua:13: in method 'render'
	main.lua:26: in function <main.lua:22>

for the following file:

local geometry = playdate.geometry
local gfx =

function makePellet(type, xPos, yPos)
  local pellet = { 
    type = type, 
    position =, yPos),
    radius = 10

  function pellet:render()
    gfx.fillCircleAtPoint(self.position, self.radius)

  return pellet

which, based on Inside Playdate, should be a valid function call (unless I am doing something wrong, which I might be)

UPDATE: I found a workaround, by replacing

gfx.fillCircleAtPoint(self.position, self.radius)


gfx.fillEllipseInRect(self.position.x, self.position.y, self.diameter, self.diameter)

The fact that this worked seems like a strong indication that fillCircleAtPoint is missing from the API

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You need to import "CoreLibs/graphics" at the top of your file to use that method.


Ah yes, thank you! Can confirm that this works.

I'm curious why this method requires importing the library and gfx.fillEllipseInRect(self.position.x, self.position.y, self.diameter, self.diameter) does not though

You can take a look at the CoreLibs/graphics code yourself to see why

Ah, I see. drawCircleAtPoint is a syntactic sugar in the CoreLibs/graphics library which calls drawEllipseInRect under the hood

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