Goo Game - a music demo disguised as a Pulp Game

Presenting: Goo Game! You play as a goo trying to climb a hill to learn the meaning of life. Or whatever. Truthfully, I made this primarily as a music showcase, though I found myself having some fun venturing into the code.

After many years of stopping and starting making games, I finally got one done! It turns out, the trick is to just make it an absurdly small collect-a-thon kinda thing. You're not gonna find a ton of innovative design decisions, but I'm happy with the animations and extremely pleased with how the music came out with the intentionally limited Pulp Song tools.

Goo Game fixed (21.4 KB)

So there it is! I'd love for people to check it out, if only for the tunes. I'm particularly interested in making classic JRPG kinda stuff (might try something like that for my next game), and I'm working on some jams for UnbelievableFlavour's Pulpmon in my spare time. If anyone needs little tunes, hit me up!

I'm also in Group 1, so I'm excited to try everyone's game on the real deal soon!

Edit: I updated the file due to recent changes to the way music works in Pulp. It seemed to only affect a couple tracks, but I literally made this as a music demo, so I'd rather it be as close to as intended as possible!
Edit 2: Good news: I now have a Playdate! Bad news: many of the tracks in Goo Game sound terrible on it! I will be working on fixing that soon.


Great work man! Looks super duper fun! If you need any help on this game let me know :slight_smile:

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