graphics.drawTextInRect infinite loop when width is less than single char font width

The code below will cause an infinite loop in drawTruncatedWord within drawTextInRect since the while loop will never be satisfied.

Note: this only occurs when drawing multiple words in a string, a single word string does not loop.

import 'CoreLibs/graphics'

function playdate.update()'Test Test', 0, 0, 1, 20)

A suggested fix for this would be to bail even sooner, by updating the code that checks width/height to also make sure a single character can fit in the width. This would be more efficient than letting the whole function carry on for single word strings as well as fix the bug for multi word strings.

local singleCharWidth = (singleFont and singleFont:getTextWidth("a") or g.getTextSize("a"))
if ((width < 0 or height < 0) or (singleCharWidth < width)) then
    return 0, 0, false

This should be fixed in the next SDK update. Sorry about that!

This is fixed in SDK 1.10.0, available now. Thanks for the report!