Grhm's unfinished demo's and template projects

I have a bunch of demo projects that I don't have much use for. You are free to use use these projects if you want. No credit needed. I may post more projects in this thread down the road.

The code down below is not perfect. These are just some projects that I scrapped.

Turn based RPG with name creator, menu, XP, health, and random battles (unfinished):

topdown RPG (11.2 KB)

Basic platformer:
firefox_ZFMqw5KyUn (2.6 KB)

Pulp Minigolf (nanogolf):

nano (4.6 KB)

Text adventure:

Pulp (4.3 KB)

Block sliding puzzle game:
firefox_D3xGxB2Uuy (3.0 KB)

Glider Pro Demake (scrapped project):
firefox_IDXHs6y94I (4.9 KB)


Love all the variety here and inventive pulp use!

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I updated the platformer project and added proper falling. If you are falling, you cannot spam the A button to keep floating. I also added item blocks you can headbutt and tiles you can break. (3.0 KB)

Update: Now with working pipes.

Play_grav_test_3 (2).zip (4.1 KB)


Forgot an old project of mine. Pulpy Tanks.
msedge_aECimDoH9Y (4.4 KB)

Lastly, I will include a game I've been working on and off. Lost Beyond. A game where you are stranded on an alien ship.

Lost (7.8 KB)


Including source code for two of my games available on

Deadly Disco, a dance game with falling floor. Featured on ART&more.

Deadly (14.1 KB)

Slider-X, a four way block matching game. (14.3 KB)

Both games are licensed as: CC BY 4.0 Deed | Attribution 4.0 International | Creative Commons


An old Rogue-like I was working on. You are free to use. Has random floor layouts, items, enemies. No fog of war yet.
screenshot (5.8 KB)

Would love any explanation on how you approached the random room generation on this!

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I tried to make a random maze generator, but I couldn't figure it out. What I created was way too random. What I did instead was made it where each floor had 4 versions that were similar to each other.

For example, I could create a room called 10th floor, but have seperate pulp rooms called 10th_floorA, 10th_floorB, 10th_floorC, and 10th_floorD. If you reach the exit, a random number generator would take you to one of those 4 rooms.

I also had random number generators for items and enemies. I created init blocks for items and enemies that would spawn items and enemies depending on the random numbers.

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Ah that's insightful, thanks! Sounds like a smart approach :+1:

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