Grhm's unfinished demo's and template projects

I have a bunch of demo projects that I don't have much use for. You are free to use use these projects if you want. No credit needed. I may post more projects in this thread down the road.

The code down below is not perfect. These are just some projects that I scrapped.

Turn based RPG with name creator, menu, XP, health, and random battles (unfinished):

topdown RPG (11.2 KB)

Basic platformer:
firefox_ZFMqw5KyUn (2.6 KB)

Pulp Minigolf (nanogolf):

nano (4.6 KB)

Text adventure:

Pulp (4.3 KB)

Block sliding puzzle game:
firefox_D3xGxB2Uuy (3.0 KB)

Glider Pro Demake (scrapped project):
firefox_IDXHs6y94I (4.9 KB)

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Love all the variety here and inventive pulp use!

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I updated the platformer project and added proper falling. If you are falling, you cannot spam the A button to keep floating. I also added item blocks you can headbutt and tiles you can break. (3.0 KB)

Update: Now with working pipes.

Play_grav_test_3 (2).zip (4.1 KB)

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