Help a NOOB, earn 10,000 points!

Hey there!

I am game designer with decades of experience making games. You might have even played some of them. However, in all of those years of making games, guess what I didn’t do?

Learn Lua.

I am really excited to make something cool for the Playdate. However, in order to do this, I need to know how to get started with Lua. I have a PC, I have programmed in C Sharp (and Basic and Pascal) so I can be taught.

Does anyone have links to tutorials, webpages, books, gurus, sherpas and otherwise helpful things that can help a right-brained type understand Lua enough to start making a game?

Thanks in advance and your points are in the mail.


What worked for me was reading through the examples included in the Playdate SDK. That sparked some ideas and I changed a few things to see what happened. Then I started my own script to try some small ideas and things went from there. But my needs were less about Lua and more about the SDK.

For Lua, something like might bring you up to speed.


Wait wait wait… is this THE Scott Rogers? Level Up! Scott Rogers?! Bed Bug Rooftop Rumble Scott Rogers???




Yes, I am “the” Scott Rogers.

Nice to meet you.

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Nice! Please to e-meet you! I studied you/your book for my Game Design class while I attended Savannah College of Art and Design. Jack Mamais was the professor.

Learned a lot!

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Other than the reference when I get stuck temporarily immobilized, I used these tutorials to learn a fair bit of Lua specifically for game dev, They’re targeted at the Love2D engine but I found having to convert from Love2d to Playdate very helpful in solidifying my Lua learning, as it forced me to discern syntax as well as learn the Playdate SDK in one go.