Help file for LUA


is there a Lua development help file available anywhere? I do for example not know how to get the crank angle/rotation, I only know how to do it in C. I have the feeling that C is the only way to develop for the PlayDate - or did I miss someting? Thanks and sorry for asking dumb questions.



The documentation you looking for is “Inside Playdate”.

I am pretty sure that Lua is the recommended language to use. The Lua API has more features and is easier to develop with.

To get the crank angle you can use playdate.getCrankPosition() or playdate.getCrankChange(). You can also use an InputHandler.

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Hello Daeke,

thanks for your help, this was my mistake. I read throught the "Inside Playdate" documention but somehow thought, that all bullet points following "5 Develop in C" were for for the C language.

Regards, Carsten

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