HELP! How to change player in the pulp, and how to use crank to move the player?

I want my players to become a different player after interacting with an Sprites or Items, and after this player can only move along a designated path by relying on a crank. However, I really don't know how to implement this. Plz help me out. :pray: :pray: :pray:

Hi i didn't get what you wanted to do with the crank thought for changing the player character on interact on the other object :slight_smile:

On the other object script solid :

on interact do
    tell event.player to
        swap "anytile"

but it depend if you use draw function for already drawing your character...

In that case you should

On the other object script solid :

on interact do
       myTilePlayerName= "anytile"


in enter of player :

on enter do
   // make it useable anytime when player enter  in any tile script (like a global variable)


In draw of player :

on draw do
     swap myTilePlayerName


Should work for that


Thanks for your help. And about crank, I want to make players can use the crank to move forwards and backwards along a set path.

To make the player move with the crank, you use event.ra to tell if the crank is moving clockwise or counterclockwise. If you want to make the player go up and down, change the conditionals from PX to PY.

on crank do
  //get the player's current direction
  PX = event.px
  PY =
  //if the crank is moving clockwise, then move forward, and if it's moving counterclockwise, move backward.
  if event.ra > 0 then
  elseif event.ra < 0 then
  goto PX,PY

One extra thing - it's a bit trickier to stop the player sprite from moving when the D-Pad is pressed, if that's what you're trying to do. There are some possible answers in this thread: Player Pre-Movement Event - #9 by jickup

Otherwise, you could hide the player sprite and manually draw a player-like tile in the right place, updated by the "on crank" event, I think. But it might depend on what your screen setup is like and what functionality you need in general.