Help Needed w/ Two-Tile-Tall Player & Tile Switching

So I'm tooling around with a game that'll have a two-tile-tall player, using Neven's guide as a base. I want to have it where the player will be able to interact with this computer, switching to a simulated first-person view of the computer screen, with the player tile swapped to be a mouse cursor. Here's what I've got so far, errors included: (1)

As you can see, the player head works fine in our starting screen, we swap to a mouse cursor when accessing the PC as intended, but there are two main problems: the mouse cursor switches back to the regular player tile when you press left on the dpad, and then when you exit the computer (either by interacting with the icon or pressing B), the player tile stays as the mouse cursor until you move.

I'll drop the zipped JSON below for anyone who might want to tool around with this. I played around with clever solutions when making Penrose, but I've never done two-tile-tall characters and tile swaps like this, and I'm still fairly noobish overall. Thanks in advance to anyone who gives this a go!

Rabbit (3.3 KB)


i made tiny changes that do the trick I guess.
In my opinion, the main problem was that you still had the player directions method in "update", but don't really need it to be called when the player becomes a cursor.

I've put it in a separate "playerDirections" method, being called only if the player is NOT in the CPU room.

anyway here it is:
Rabbit Hole (1).zip (3.2 KB)

concerning the second issue, it's related with swapping the right tile either on "exit" on CPU room or on "enter" on the player.

I mean I'm quite a noob myself so these are only my guesses on that..

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That makes SO much sense! I couldn't for the life of me figure that out, so I can't thank you enough. This is exactly what I needed for this and any future CPU rooms.

I'm planning a few other POV-change rooms and scenes, but (I think) this will help quite a bit when making those too.

Once this (eventually) gets finished, you're going in the special thanks section. Thank you!!

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