Help testing a build on physical device

Gameplay video

Working on a 2D shooter for the playdate, "Pop pop"
It would be amazing if someone could try to run this on a physical device and see so it works fine.
The game is just a "trial version", it will stop working after about 30 seconds. But that should be enough to try it out. I've got a version without the time-limit on itch (Pop pop (playdate) by therussianbeargame), but that is not for free as I do intend to sell this game.

The trial version can be downloaded from - Google Drive

All and any help and input is much appreciated.


In the 30 seconds it runs well on the device. I’ve only noticed two things which are unrelated to how it runs on the device:

  • The bundle ID is missing in pdxinfo which means the game can’t be sideloaded via the website.
  • The hitbox for the big enemies appears to be a bit bigger than the sprite. I thought I wasn’t near them but got hit anyway.
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Thanks a million for testing it out Rebecca, I really appreciate it!

I'll try and fix the bundle ID and have a look at the collision system (it dose'nt use play dates builtin hitbox stuff, it uses a binding circle).

Again, thanks a lot!