Help with 'Publishing for Catalog' - specifics please

Not sure where else to post this.

Since we can't apply for Catalog before the software is 'done' (we're in mid-internal-Beta) we're 'getting ready' for Catalog as best we can.

But (from this bit):

We ask for several asset formats (large, small, wide) because we find that an interesting, varied layout for Catalog is more fun to browse. It’s best to provide all these formats, since we might change the layout and feature your game in a different way.

Kumba (our artist) needs more detail than 'large, small, wide' to work with - I'm assuming this information is in the actual 'Welcome to Catalog!' package (the one we can't yet apply for) - can we get more details/specs in this regard, please?

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Under The Tree 'box art' example (courtesy of Kumba):

What sizes/etc. of this might we be asked for?

Until there's an official response, the sizes are the images used on Catalog website and in the app.

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Mods feel free to delete... but this info is pretty publicly accessible from looking at Catalog from the outside:

On Device

B&W, non-transparent "poster" PNGs:


B&W, non-transparent header PNG:


On Website

Full color (can be transparent) "posters":

1600x960 (also used as header of page)

Full color (can be transparent) title shown BELOW the header image:


Screenshots (Used on device AND website)

Up to 5
PNG or animated GIF
Should be pure B&W, not "device appearance" colors... I think?
(If you open them in a new window they are pure B&W; the site tints them on the fly)

But whatever Panic provides in the process is the info to trust over this!


I'll pass that along to the artist, thanks!

Hi Tengu!

Thanks everyone that has helped so far!

I've also provided the zip files of the templates below in case the artist wants to use them. We'll work on getting more of this info in the documentation. (307.8 KB) (695.8 KB)


We've added documentation of these assets to a Help article here:

(I personally like having the specs right on the form, so I'm not looking in one tab and uploading in another, but there's little harm in having it documented in two places.)


Yay! Thanks, everyone!