Hidden sprites being moved still causing dirty rects

Using SDK 2.0.1.

When calling moveTo() on a sprite that was once visible, but is now set invisible, the sprite is still causing a screen update on the rect where it was last visible.

A super simple repro case using a blinking sprite moving from left to right:

import 'truck.png'
import 'CoreLibs/sprites'

local x = 0

local sprite = playdate.graphics.sprite.new(playdate.graphics.image.new('truck'))

function playdate.update()
	x += 3
	sprite:moveTo(x, 120)
	sprite:setVisible(x % 100 >= 50)

There are redraws happening where nothing is changing:

The example above is in Lua but I'm seeing this in C as well.

Could this be the same? Sprites off screen due to setDrawOffset still cause screen updates - #6 by dave