Home Screen game card display issues

I upgraded the OS on my device to 2.1.0 just now and then downloaded a game that I had previously side-loaded but couldn’t be played until after the upgrade.

I noticed 2 issues with the game card:

  1. The normal artwork for the game card appeared first and then about a second later the wrapping paper appeared instead.
  2. When I “unwrapped” the game, the card artwork continued outside of the bounds of the box all the way to the right and bottom of the screen until the animation was finished.

I’ve never seen either of these things happen before.

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I realize that this is probably not an SDK bug.

I second that. I've seen the same behaviour as well: the wrap animation roll over an uncovered game card. I tried to reproduce and catch it on camera, but couldn't. It must be some edge-case bug.

Thanks for letting us know about this issue! I haven't been able to reproduce it yet, but I would love to so I can get a fix ready.

@paulyoung A few follow up questions: Was the new version of the game you side-loaded exactly the same as the version that had previously been on your device (as opposed to an updated version that might have, for example, a new bundleID or file name)? Had you completely deleted the previous version of the game? Was your sideloading done through the website or by manually copying files over? Did you download the game manually or was it downloaded automatically while the device was sleeping?

I'm also curious about your second point - was the normal card artwork showing up at a weird location, aligned to the lower-right corner of the screen?

Really any more information anyone can provide may be helpful - no detail is too small! :male_detective:

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This is someone else’s game but I think the new version had the same name and bundle ID with just a different version number for that build.

There was nothing to delete. I had uploaded a few builds via the website but none were showing up because they needed a newer version of the OS (see Games that require a newer version of the OS are completely hidden)

Through the website.

I went to the games list in settings and the game downloaded.

At first the normal game card artwork appeared as it would if the game had been previously unwrapped. After about a second it switched to the wrapping paper pattern with a bow on it.

From what I remember, during the animation for unwrapping the game the wrapping paper pattern extended beyond the bounds of the card. It went all the way to the bottom right of the screen.

I’ll try to reproduce this and make a recording.

I realize I gave you a wall of questions there, thank you for the thoughtful reply! :slight_smile:

the wrapping paper pattern extended beyond the bounds of the card

So strange. That makes it seem like a masking element of the animation maybe didn't load or draw properly, though I can't think of why that would happen. Thanks again for the extra info, I'm going to play around a bit today and see if I can reproduce what you saw as well.

I think I’ve seen similar issues if the game’s title card image is larger than the 350 x 155 specified in the docs. Is that the case here?

It was indeed! This should be fixed in the next update. Thanks again for the bug reports!

A fix is out today in the 2.3 update. Please let us know if this doesn't fix the problem for you!