How do I convert an example game to a PDX game for the Playdate Simulator?

I have installed the Playdate SDK on my Windows 10 laptop, and I'm trying to open one of the pre-installed example games in the Playdate Simulator, but I keep getting this message:
This is where the example game I'm trying to open is located:

In the Playdate SDK folder, as shown in the image above, it's located in the "Examples" folder.

Anybody know how to convert an example game into a PDX game to be played in the simulator?

You have to compile the examples with pdc (Playdate Compiler). Open a console (type cmd in the address bar) and if your %PATH% variable is set up correctly, you should be able to run pdc and get a .pdx folder.

If your PATH is not set, pdc is located in the bin folder of the SDK.

For single file examples, you have to run pdc -m NameOfTheLuaFile.lua.

Thank you for the information, hopefully it helps, I'll try it out

I just tried to use pdc as a %PATH% variable on my Windows 10 PC, and I tried to use pdc -m NameOfFolder, but it didn't work because the console said that pdc is not recognized as a command. What should I do?

-m option only work for single file examples, not for folders.

If Windows tells you that pdc is not a recognised command, then it means that your PATH does not contains the folder bin from the SDK.

For now, try to launch pdc using its relative path.

First, enter the folder of example you want to build with cd:

C:\PathToTheSDK\Examples> cd "Level 1-1"

Then run pdc with the name of the folder containing the main Lua file (here it is "Source"):

C:\PathToTheSDK\Examples\Level 1-1> ..\..\bin\pdc Source
Unrecognized file types are copied by default. Use the -k or --skip-unknown flag to skip these files instead.
Copying level_1-1-old.json
Copying level_1-1.json

You should now have a pdx folder named Source.pdx:

C:\PathToTheSDK\Examples\Level 1-1> dir
29/07/2023    11:29 PM    <DIR>                 .
29/07/2023    11:29 PM    <DIR>                 ..
29/07/2023    11:29 PM    <DIR>                 Source
29/07/2023    11:29 PM    <DIR>                 Source.pdx
29/07/2023    11:29 PM             20,592 bytes level.tmx