How do you halt/pause the debugger?

I am printing a lot of data to the console and I'd like time to read it before the window crashes from an infinite loop
How can I pause the debugger, programmatically?

I am hoping there's something more advanced than playdate.wait(milliseconds)

Ugly solution:

function halt()
	print("halt" .. nil)

I believe in a supported editor you can pause execution at will using a GUI button (example in Nova on Mac)

I need it programmatically however

and unfortunately my ugly solution is clearing the screen

Sounds useful! I'll file a feature request for playdate.simulator.pause(), should be easy to add.

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Might I also suggest options to reduce the speed of the simulator, ie: 50%, 25%

Should be able to do just by altering the internal frame rate though it may require desyncing the internal clock from the computer's clock as anyone developing their games properly (read: not me) is using time past between frames instead of basing it on the frame rate