How do you make more detailed tiles?

Hi I need help with making more detailed tiles and also larger character, I'm new to programming and I thought pulp would be a good way to start does anybody know how to fix this?

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I also have this same question

I'm not sure exactly what you are asking, but I'll try and help!

The Playdate has a 400 x 240 pixel 1-bit (black and white) screen. Pulp games are at 2x zoom so effectively have a resolution of 200 x 120 pixels. That's not a lot of pixels!

Pulp is tile based. Each tile is 8 x 8 pixels, so the screen is 25 x 15 tiles. This can't be changed, that's simply what you have to work with in Pulp! Don't think of this as a bad thing - constraints help drive creativity and can help in keeping things simple, especially if you are new to game development or programming in general.

With such small tiles and only two colours it can be hard for sure to draw good looking characters and scenery. The plus side is that almost anyone can give such simple pixel art a go, you don't have to be a professional artist!

The main thing to begin with is to keep things simple. If art isn't your particular strength, don't worry too much about it! A stickman looking player isn't a problem if your game is fun, you can always go back and improve the art later.

If you specifically want the player to be bigger than one tile, check out this tutorial.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: