How easy/viable is it to move a game from Pulp into the SDK?

Just kind of a general question -- been working on a game in Pulp for some time now, and want to eventually "graduate" over to the SDK. How feasible is this?

On Panic's site there is some documentation about adding some additional frills/features to your game using the SDK, but I'm more curious about the viability of porting a pulp game over to the SDK, and continuing development over there.

Would love to hear others' thoughts on this & anyone's experiences attempting the jump.


You can use this to port a Pulp game to Lua. Never tried it myself, but looks like it works well

I used Mill to migrate from Pulp to Lua SDK and it works great, but there are a few things to consider.

If you just want to add a handful of functions to your "almost perfect" Pulp game, I think you can get away with it just fine.

If you really want to leverage more advanced Lua features (classes, arrays and so on) you will probably want to rewrite a lot of things (if not everything), excepting maybe a handful of functions from Pulp that were particularly tricky to write.
The migrated Pulp code is really not optimized for reading / extending so it's tough to expand over it without rewriting huge chunks.

In my game, I ended up rewriting the entire game structure, and only copy/pasting code from the Pulp editor where there was almost no possible optimisations, which is really rare if you just think about logic operators, arrays, and all other Lua goodness.

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