How to create a icon for pulp games

This is a guide on creating your own icons for Pulp games. At this current time, Pulp doesn't have a way to let you create icons for the upcoming 2.0 firmware, but there is a solution.
Credit: @stuffbyrae

Creating a icon file for the upcoming 2.0 firmware:
Since games made in Pulpscript are precompiled, you will need a .pdi image for the icon.
Forum user @stuffbyrae showed me how to do this.

How to:
What you'll need is the SDK installed and a code or text editor. I recommend Visual Studio Code, but notepad++ should also work.

What you will want to do is create a folder. For this example, we will call it icontest, but you could call it whatever you want. Inside that folder, create a 2nd folder called launcher.

Inside the launcher folder, create a 32x32 size image called icon.png It can be anything you want, but it has to be in black and white only.

Now, go back to the main folder and create a file called main.lua. You don't have to fully understand lua for this section, but what we are doing is creating a dummy lua file for converting the icon.png file to icon.pdi.

What you will need to do is grab the example code from the official Inside Playdate documentation by. Panic: Inside Playdate

Create a file called main.lua and copy and paste the example code. You don't need to edit the code. You just need to place it in your icontest directory. After that, fire up command prompt and type pdc /icontest (or pdc /yourprojectname here if you used a different directory name) and it will create a pdx file with your converted icon.

Go into the newly created .pdx directory and make sure the launcher directory has a icon.pdi file

Now, you will want to copy your launcher directory and paste it into the .pdx file of your Pulp game. You will also want to move card.pdi into the launcher directory.

Now, edit the file pdxinfo file and change imagePath to imagePath=launcher

Once you are done, you copy your Pulp game to the SDK/Games directory and it will work.

Tada! I hope this guide was helpful and I hope you have a good day.