How to create scenes?

I'm new to game development I have found alot of example of good code examples but how do i modules it to load different things like say a start screen to the game screen to the score scene etc.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

I believe this thread can be helpful:

  • Roomy library is specifically created to manage scenes
  • Folks give some good examples of custom code to manage scenes here

If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution, I suggest you to try Noble Engine. I personally never used Noble Engine, but judging from its description, it may help you with scene management as well as other things.


I am using an ECS style system for my games.

Scenes is a global table with keys pointing to individual scene tables. I call ChangeScene(Scenes.sceneName) to switch scenes.

Each scene has a setup, update, and draw function on it that that are called, and they do various things. There is more here at this blog post: