How to make launchImage appear?

Even when I slow down and examine the GIF of my app launching, my launchImage.png (400x240, no transparency) never appears.

The app goes straight from an empty black screen to the first frame of the running app. (I am using a single image, not a launchImages/ folder.)

Launch anim test

The default launch animation includes a quick fade to black as the title card exits. I assume it should be fading to launchImage instead? If not, when should the launchImage appear?

Thanks for any ideas!

Here's my pdxinfo...

author=Morgan Adams
description=Weird clocks collection.

...and here's the file structure (my card images work fine):
Screen Shot 2022-07-01 at 4.36.23 PM

The 400x240 launchImage.png looks like just the LEFT side of the app UI, with the rest black. (So the left side ought to appear first, as the app loads.) Here it is:


I would suspect my app might just load too quickly to notice a launchImage—especially in the Simulator—except I don't see if for even 1 frame in the GIF.

(I think I'll just go the launchImages/ folder route instead, this time—but I'd still like to know how launchImage.png is meant to be used.)

I noticed launch image is used at the end of use launchImages animation.

I don't know if that's intended or not.

But the workaround is to use one additional image in launchImages.

If you delay clearing the screen or doing any drawing (or switching display scale etc.), does the launch image show? Maybe if you add a wait(5000) at the top of main.lua?

I believe the idea is that if your game needs to do a bunch of loading at launch, you can easily make a loading screen by dropping in an image. But if your code goes straight into displaying graphics, or you want to display something more complex while you load, you don't need it.

It's also possible we slightly overestimated the amount of time most games would need to launch. :sweat_smile:

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That sounds right. (I didn't re-test yet because I ended up using full folder of launchImages after all this time.) I'll think of the single image as a "just in case" thing, not "always shown."

In future if a game of mine needs a long time before the first frame shows, I will bear this in mind! Thanks.

I don't believe you can use wait() outside of update. It used to be possible, but was changed.

Anyway! I couldn't get the launch image to show in a game with a 2-3 second load time, so I used the launchImages workaround.

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Huh, you're right. Guess I missed that change...