How to package assets in device build using OSX + CMake

Currently, I have placed several asset files in my project's Source folder. When I build for the simulator, the resulting .pdx is 11.4mb in size, and I can Show Package Contents to confirm that all the assets were included.

However, when I build for device, the resulting file is only 304kb. Am I missing a step to get the assets packaged up for device builds? Thanks!

The only difference between a simulator build and a device build is the compiled C binary file. For simulator you will have a pdex.dylib (on Mac), and for device you will have a pdex.bin. Everything else in the pdx folder should be the same. As for the size of the binary itself, it depends on the compiler you are using and whether you are doing a debug or release build.

Are there perhaps any hidden (.git repo) or unexpected (raw asset files) in your pdx?