I can't access my game projects


I was working on one of my prototypes and now I can no longer access it or start a new game project. :sob: I tried deleting one of my player sprites and this is when I noticed that Pulp started acting a bit wonky… my theme changed from sunny to the default one and the editor view simply disappeared.

I managed to recover one of my prototypes by simply changing the URL number from 204 to 203. However, it seems that the other prototype got corrupted or something because when I click on its name to launch the project it takes me to the same blank screen I posted above.

I’m very sorry to hear this Marco! Losing work is the worst. :playdate_agh: I’m going to see if I can reproduce and fix the issue on my end. I’ll follow up with you here if I need more info or when I find a solution.

No worries, I was much more concerned about not being able to work on any new games at all.

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Figured out the issue. The app does some automatic updating from older versions of the Pulp data format and was assuming that there would always be a room in the first position of the rooms array (eg. data.rooms[0]). If that room was deleted and that first index was never reassigned another room, it would choke. Fix should be up shortly!

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