I can't change the sprite with the crank (code not working)

I end up using pulp, as for now I don't have the money to buy the play date
I use windows 10
and i'm still starting in scripting in general, mainly in playdate pulp
Well my code it ends up giving an error, this is the code

on update do
	if crank==100 then
		play "Door_open"

the code is based on that if you keep turning the crank until it reaches number 100 when I interact with the door, it will change its sprite (its sprite is open)
but this does not happen, does anyone know why or how to solve this? (I ended up putting the counter on the player but I don't think it matters)

I realized the error, the code only recognizes the number 100, and not the number 100 onwards sorry guys

Yeah I think it was saying if the crank was exactly at 100 AND it updated to check it would play the animation.

Dont be sorry. None of this is easy