I made a Nova extension to help me with playdate development - Go Back/Forward Navigation

I've been using Nova for a few weeks to develop a small project for the playdate, and I've been frustrated that the IDE doesn't have a hotkey for going back & forth between the files you've recently visited.

..So I did what anyone would do - I took a dive into the extension documentation and wrote an extension that enables this functionality.

I've really found myself getting lost in my lua codebase without a tool like this. Sharing it here in case there's other Nova noobs like me who maybe didn't even know this was possible until now. Hopefully it helps you make games faster, and with less frustration :slight_smile:

Here is the extension : Navigation | Nova Extensions

In addition to hotkeys, it also provides a new sidebar that shows your navigation history, and where you're currently at.


Pretty cool! I'll have to check it out.

(I made a bunch of general purpose Nova extensions myself—mainly for web dev, but I use a few for my Playdate text processing too.)