I was following tutorial on SDK setup and cant find a specific File

Hi I was following tutorial on SDK setup and cant find a specific file.

Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0ufxinp7No&t

My PC runs on windows
I'm new to game - Dev and I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. {Sorry if I don't understand some things about PC's, I'm new thanks}

The file the tutorial said I needed is "DoseSim.ps1"

I hope this is enough information to help anyone trying to help me and my dumb brain.

ps - I live in Australia so we might have different time zones.

Backing up a bit, this template is not what I would suggest starting with. If you're using VSCode (which it looks like you're doing) I would use the "Playdate Debug" extension by Midouest and follow the setup instructions listed in the extension read me exactly. It gets you Lua building and debugging which you're going to want.

Sorry for the late response, I tried downloading and doing the things you suggested but, I couldn't figure it out and was unable to reach much more progress than I already had.

(this is definitely my fault not yours or the software sorry)

Do you know if there's any like manual or something that can just tell me how to install the SDK and start coding?

We have several example lua projects in the SDK (in the Examples folder) which you could copy and start hacking on to get going as easily as possible. Also, you can refer to "Inside Playdate" documentation on our website.