In Development: Coffee Cafe - Create and Run Your Own Cafe

Hello Everyone,

I got my playdate fever back, I have new game idea. Coffee Cafe. A top down restaurant tycoon game, where design and upgrade your cafe! I have been really improving on my art recently but I have an issue! I started at 16x16, but it is too small, but when I scale it by 2, the player looks good but every else is way to big! So I was planning on doing a mix of the two, where furniture and object are 16x16 ,but npcs and the player is 32x32.

What is the best route?

This is 16x16 tile assests with a player at 2 time scale

Test Design

This is 16x16 tile with a player at normal scale


Any feedback greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

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I prefer the bottom image because it looks more visually consistent, but on the Playdate screen it would probably be pretty difficult to see.

Usually mixing sprites with different pixel sizes leads to an inconsistent look. This isn't really an issue with high resolution sprites, but for pixel art it can look kind of weird if some sprites are using 1x1 pixels and some sprites are using 2x2 pixels.

The best way to prevent that would be to redraw your sprites at a larger size, which would mean adding more detail with the newly added resolution. If 32x32 tiles are too large, you could always go with something in between like 24x24.

If you like the size of the 16x16 tiles, another option would be to redraw your player sprite at 24x24 or 32x32 so the pixel sizes remain consistent.

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Ok I will look into 24x24, 32x32 is too big for what I want the player to be able to do. (Organize tables, create a little bar, and design the cafe, expand the cafe) I understand 16x16 is bit limiting when it comes to the play date but I think it is charming like the old pokemon games.

Thanks for your input!

Today's Devlog for Coffee Cafe I created movement, and started and inventory system with gridview, and I have the player disappearing, when pressing the level editor, the pencil. There is bug where the gridview does not disappear, and the player still moves around. I am just happy I have tile map and collisions.

Feedback wanted on how in the world I would create a level editor (would I use a grid view, or an array that would update the main scene tile map I have no clue) and how would I switch the contents inside a gridview

Here is a video of the little cafe chef running around

Devlog number 2

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Today's devlog I have a grid working and switching what items the player has, but I don't have placing yet, which might be a challenge. I optimized the background drawing to be drawn once for the grid ui selection which was a learning curve.