Install Failed on Mac OS 12.4 with SDK v1.11.1

I am attempting to install the SDK on my Mac, which is running Mac OS 12.4. I am using the latest SDK v1.11.1. I have the install logs I can either attach or email to someone. I can't tell if there is any PII in there I shouldn't be sharing (besides my first name).

As far as I can tell, I am set up to install this:

  • I have Xcode from the App Store installed.
  • My Mac is fully up-to-date.

I am happy to provide any more information!

Install logs would be helpful in figuring out exactly what failed. If you message me your /var/log/install.log file I'll take a look. Thanks!

How can I send a direct message on Discourse? I clicked around and can't find a button. Or should I just attach them here?

If you click my profile picture you should get a pop-up with a Message button. But feel free to attach the file here if you're comfortable doing that.

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