Is compressing a pdx zip worth it?

We all know the playdate's wifi is pretty slow, my experience is that it downloads about 0.2 MB/s

After the download there is an "insalling" phase.

What happens during install? I assume it is decompressing the zip file.
For a pdx that is 13.9MB zipped and 17MB unompressed, this installing takes an additional 50 seconds after downloading.

I had this idea of zipping a pdx without compression, to save on the install time at the cost of extra download time.

An experiment I just ran with with a compressed vs uncompressed zip through Panic's sideload site showed no difference at all in install time. I might be missing something, or maybe panic re-compresses zip files resulting in exactly the same file being sent to the playdate in both cases...

Any thughts on this?

I believe the bottleneck is the speed of the firmware writing to flash memory.

The uploaded pdx will always be zipped by the server, so as far as downloading to your devices goes it doesn't really matter if it's zipped or not when you upload it.