Is it possible to draw "white" text?

Is there a technique for drawing text in white / off-pixels using the C-API ?

Originally I coded score-functions & what-not to just write the font, but then my pixel-artist supplied black backgrounds, and now the text is invisible.

And for a purely selfish request: I would like a getTextHeight() function please.

PS> Admin: please add a "C-API" tag.

According to @matt, you can use playdate->graphics->setDrawMode() to change the text color (I haven't tested it myself yet).

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Thanks for that, it works well. I used:

playdate->graphics->setDrawMode( kDrawModeFillWhite );

Then afterwards changed it back to "copy mode". I'm unsure of what the default is.

playdate->graphics->setDrawMode( kDrawModeCopy );

I am pretty sure the default mode is copy :+1:


FWIW, I want white text far more that the reverse... so I just make my fonts in white!

(For one thing, white text can hug the screen edge and still have a nice black bezel around it. Maximum useable screen area.)